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TAMADROID is an NFT game developed by DroidCoin Project and Overcast Games in which digital companions called "Tamadroid" are trained to battle in the arena and fused with other Tamadroids to produce new type. By playing the game, you can earn vDRDC (Virtual Droid Coin), which can be converted to real money. Inspired by Pokémon, Monster Rancher and Tamagochi, this semi-open world game provides a wide variety of Tamadroid parts and accessories which you can mix and match to create unique and distinct visual appearances.
A key feature of the game is that players need to train and prepare their Tamadroid for matches in the arena in order to win rewards. Win battles and go forward in ranks as you reach for the top! Community development and information exchange is a huge factor in growing your Tamadroid. Meet people real-time and discuss the best strategy in optimizing your resources.
Earn vDRDC by:
  • Battling in the Arena
  • Selling and trading tamadroid accessories in the marketplace
  • Participating in mini games and in-game events which will be available in a limited time period.
  • Applying as helpers or sitters for other player's Tamadroid and Ranch Tasks.
Tamadroid can be downloaded on PC/MAC/ Linux Distros as well as on your mobile phones (Android, iOS, Huawei).


The developers started this project as a way to be a part of the revolution of making games an opportunity for people with the same interests to unite as one while earning money by doing what they love.
In the rise of cryptocurrency and NFT Game's popularity, game developers take this chance to garner more people who would want to invest in this aspect. Whether it's something they came across because of having a lot of time due to the pandemic, to making it a full-time thing, significant changes can be made in one's life.

Early Teaser

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