Tamadroid Basics


Tamadroid Capsules

The game uses DRDC (Droid Coin) to purchase Tamadroid capsules. These capsules insulate the Tamadroids that are about to be born. Tamadroid Capsules differ in rarity:
Normal ⭐
Rare ⭐⭐
Legendary ⭐⭐⭐
Coming Soon
Normal Tamacapsule can produce 1⭐-3⭐ Tamadroids
Rare Tamacapsule can produce 3⭐-5⭐ Tamadroids
Rare Tamacapsule can produce 4⭐-6⭐ Tamadroids
We will have more variants of tamacapsule soon. Some will be released on events.
The rarity of the capsule gives a much higher base stat upon hatching.Through the care and training of your Tamadroid, the stat they will gain will depend on where/what you focus.

Base Stats

The stats are the skills that the Tamadroids rely on in order to win arena battles and mini game events. There are 7 different stats:
  • Life - This is the tamadroid life points, if the number drops it means that your companion is in trouble.
  • Power - This is the physical damage the Tamadroid can do to enemies.
  • Intelligence - This represents how clever the Tamadroid is and how good their magical powers are and defend themselves from non-physical attacks.
  • Skill - This is how good the Tamadroid strategize in attacking enemies and removing themselves from crucial situations.
  • Speed - This is how quick the Tamadroid can move and dodge in the battlefield.
  • Defense - This is how much damage the Tamadroid can take without affecting its health badly.
  • Loyalty - This determines how willing the Tamadroid is to stay with you or run off.
Raising your stats may make or break your gameplay as it is crucial. The users must focus on what kind of Tamadroid they want to raise. They can be tanky, quick or do great damage but the resources are limited so it might decrease other stats as penalty.

Tamadroid Training

Fatigue System

Part of their training is the fatigue system, this means that their energy can deplete and rest is required for them in order to battle and train once again. Your Tamadroid's mood and their attitude depends when they are well-fed or not. They follow you everywhere you go so they must be fed when hungry or else they will die or run away. Like real living-beings, your companions have a life span so you have to thoroughly take care of their health to prolong their life.
Make sure to feed your tamadroid right and at least give them a day of rest.

Tamadroid Parts and Accessories

Accessorize and add parts to your companions not only for aesthetics but to boost their initial stats. Every added stat counts as you let your Tamadroids battle with others in a 1 on 1 arena fight through a ladder system. The winner gets tokens after the match and if preferred, 1 on 1 practice fights with other players can also take place.
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